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We think out of the box.

Base is a brand agency that helps -lifestyle inspired companies to engage consumers in communicating about brand culture. We use strategy and design throughout to connect brands and people and also about the things they love.... be it be products, services and experiences that support their lifestyle or matters about culture.

Every brand is a story waiting to be told in the right way. Welcome to BASE , a place bursting with fresh ideas and incisive execution. Here everyday we put forward new brand stories and solutions. We believe brands to be the intersection of business and humanity, which makes us strive hard to build lasting and memorable brands. We serve industries and clients of all sizes because we know that every requirement is unique and requires personal attention. But above all, we believe in creating identities and solutions that work in the real world and deliver results.

So why did we name ourselves “BASE”? Glad you asked! The name “BASE” was the product of two complementary insights:

  • We build the base of your brand, providing it the springboard of strong identity and market influence
  • Business Analysis Solution Engineering (BASE): We build custom solutions to remove bottlenecks of your business process

Be it be crafting new brand stories, strategizing effective marketing campaigns or automating key business processes, in all brand items BASE does it with utmost care and are handled by experts.

If you are looking to create a memorable and lasting brand do step right in. Who knows , this might create the story of your life