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We put the ‘U’ in inflUence!

All that we do at BASE, as well as how we do it, is directed at a single purpose: influence. As creators of imaginative solutions—be it brand identities, marketing campaigns, custom software, stunning interiors, or anything else—we believe in deviating from the textbook. Our offerings are crafted after a close and detailed study of your target market and what influences them. After all, only those brands that continue to influence become larger than life!


We help create brand stories that influence, driving engagement, change and positivity. Experience brand stories the way they should be!

Brand Architecture Retail Experience
Brand Strategy Brand Identity
Brand Positioning Brand Voice
Package Design Design / Visual Language
Brand Collateral

web & digital

We build web and digital solutions that are a confluence of design finesse and consumer insight. Spectacular results are inevitable!

Web Development Digital Marketing
Website Design / Re-design Search Engine Optimization
User Interface Design Search Engine Marketing
User Experience Design Social Media Management
E-Commerce / Retail Social media Campaign
Web Application

We work for you by working with you. Amazing things come from collaboration.